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Protect yourself from telemarketing fraud

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Business Law

Every time someone falls prey to telemarketing fraud, it gives these criminals more incentive to continue with their illegal activities. Fortunately, there are ways of identifying this type of fraud in North Dakota when it happens to you.

What are the most common ways that people are scammed over the phone?

One of the most common frauds is claiming that you’ll be given a prize or entered into a drawing – all you have to do is pay a small fee. They’ll claim that it’s simply to cover the transaction, and you’re assured that it will seem inconsequential next to the grand prize you’re going to receive. The only catch is that it’s a prize you will never see and probably doesn’t even exist.

This fraudulent contest may also be used as an elaborate scheme to trick you into giving them some vital piece of information such as your bank account, credit card, or social security number. Other times, it’s a fake product that they’re trying to convince you to buy. The crooked telemarketers will happily take your money, but don’t expect to receive any product.

You can protect yourself from telemarketing fraud

Nowadays, it’s easy to double-check things online. Take a moment to do a quick search if you’re on the phone and it feels like telemarketing fraud. If someone is trying to convince you to act now and make a rash decision, chances are high that they don’t have anything of value to offer you.

With the rise in online shopping, it’s easier than ever to convince someone that there’s a purchase they’ve forgotten. Telemarketers might impersonate an online retailer and claim that a credit card they have on file has expired or that they’ve lost your information. When in doubt, you can always just end the conversation and call up the company directly.