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Why environmental compliance is essential for your agribusiness

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2023 | Agricultural Law

Agricultural companies have a lot of things to check off their list to keep their businesses running. For one, they are expected to follow environmental laws, such as the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Clean Water Act.

But how exactly does observing environmental laws benefit your agribusiness?

Keeping your produce fresh and clean

Whether a company is producing crops, raising livestock or operating any other agricultural business, complying with environmental rules and regulations will return to their business’s advantage. By following the laws, the company maintains a clean and pollution-free environment, which in turn helps the agribusiness sustain fresh and toxin-free products.

Maintaining a competitive edge in the market

With the increase in environmentally conscious consumers, businesses that exercise eco-friendly practices receive more positive consumer feedback. Relatively, those companies that fail to comply with or violate environmental laws receive backlash from the public. With that said, agribusinesses that maintain their environmental compliance can also keep their competitive standing in the market.

Avoiding penalties and lawsuits

Noncompliance with environmental rules and regulations comes with fines and penalties. Failure to follow them can cost a business more than if it did comply with the laws. In worst-case scenarios, the noncompliant company can face lawsuits.

Between operating the business and ensuring adherence to several federal, state and local rules and regulations, agribusiness owners can feel overwhelmed. Furthermore, changes and development in agricultural laws may add to owners’ worries. Fortunately, having a comprehensive management plan and a clear review of environmental requirements, possibly with the help of an experienced legal team, can help ease those concerns.